ALF Caregiver Abuse

“I just want this guy to pay for what he did and I think that’s only fair.” said Jay, the victim’s son.

A family is speaking out after an employee at Harbor House assisted living facility violently abused a resident. The victim had Alzheimer’s dementia. Fortunately, a camera caught the assault. The video shows the caregiver push the vulnerable adult to the ground.

Eyewitness News protected the identity of Jay’s father. Video shows the 71-year-old resident just standing in the hallway. All of a sudden a staff member snatches his hat off his head. Then the staff member pulls on the resident, repeatedly, causing the resident to fall. The staff member tosses the hat at the man. Then swats him in the face and steals the hat.

“He did have a bloody nose so that’s how people noticed something was wrong because he had blood dripping down his face from his nose,” Jay said.

The staff member just left the man there. He came back to check on the floor. The staff member returned with a rag and wiped the floor then used the same rag to wipe the blood off the man’s face. He then left again and the man was left to help himself up.