Vote Safely

Voter Intimidation

Many Americans are scared to vote in person. Voter intimidation may deter voters more than deadly exposure to the coronavirus. But good news is here. Hundreds of ministers are trained to help out at the polls. Religious leaders and ministers volunteered to help voters and watch polls. The initiative is Lawyers and Collars. Lawyers are also volunteering on Election Day. Lawyers will assist with any legal issues at voting sites.

Ministers are much better than militias to protect the safety of the voters, and integrity of the voting process. Experts anticipate long lines and potential voter intimidation by right-wing white supremacists. Hopefully, the visible presence of pastors and holy men at polls will relieve tensions. The clerical garb may de-escalate hostile situations.

Clergy will help escort scared voters. Volunteers can help fearful voters pass any Trump supporters that block the way.

Please be careful, and be safe.

Voter Suppression

Part of Trump’s re-election campaign includes voter suppression. A federal judge last week condemned two Republican operatives for sending out robocalls to 85,000 people in efforts to dissuade them from voting. He ordered Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman to re-contact the voters and inform them that the original call “contained false information.”