Trump Attacks American Cities

Trump doesn’t seem to understand the concept of the United States of America. He sees only “red” and “blue” states. It is shameful. He even separates Americans by “blue cities” run by Democrats in “red states”.  So absurd. Trump even issued a memorandum to review funding to “state and local governments that are permitting anarchy, violence, and destruction in American cities.”

The U.S. Conference of Mayors responded. The Mayors noted that “attacks on America’s cities are attacks on America itself.” Incredible that they had to tell the President of the United States that fact. They reminded him: “This is a time our Nation needs unity, not division, among all levels of government.”

The Mayors then explained that federal funds come from America’s cities. Without cities, the federal government would go broke. “America’s cities represent 86 percent of the Nation’s population and 91 percent of real gross domestic product (GDP).”

They also happen to be vitally important to culture, arts, and sports. The Mayors continued, “Cities are the Nation’s incubators of talent: people flock to cities to take advantage of their accessibility, diversity, inclusiveness, vibrancy, infrastructure and innovation.”

They then warned that if he tried to enforce a restriction on funding, they would sue, and would certainly win. He has no authority to withdraw funds from “sanctuary cities” or “anarchists’ cities.” He does not understand basic civic lessons.