Trucking Accident Lawyer Spartanburg, SC

Trucking Accident Lawyer Spartanburg, SC

Talking to a trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC before you file an injury claim can help you protect your best interests. Severe injuries typically require substantive and costly medical treatment. Injury victims of truck accidents may also need to take an extended time off from work to recover. During that time, they will likely run out of sick days and subsequently lose paychecks as well as put their job at risk. These scenarios are common, but trucking company insurance carriers are focused on maximizing profits, not paying out legitimate claims. At Poliakoff & Associates, P.A., our trucking accident lawyer offers a free consultation to injury victims in the Spartanburg, SC area. We have helped thousands of people in our community who were injured because of the actions of others. With the assistance of our trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC, you can receive a settlement from the at-fault insurance carrier as a result of your damages. Call us to learn more about your legal options.

Get the Settlement That You Deserve

After an accident, motorists who suffer injuries because of a negligent trucker or their trucking company, are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Many people in this scenario will file an injury claim with their own insurance company and leave it in their hands to pursue compensation on their behalf. This is often a mistake because they do not have a vested interest in making sure their customer gets the compensation they deserve. Our trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC is far more likely to obtain maximum compensation for victims. Years of experience and tenacity when dealing with insurance companies has resulted in our trucking accident lawyer negotiating substantial settlements for Spartanburg, SC injury victims. We can get you a settlement that compensates you for your medical costs, lost wages, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, future medical treatment, and much more.

Our Trucking Accident Lawyer in Spartanburg, SC Will Protect Your Best Interests

One of the reasons why our trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC is so successful is that insurance companies realize that if they do not offer a fair settlement, they will likely end up in court and take the risk of paying far more. They rarely are willing to take that risk because the court fees alone would be cost prohibitive, plus the settlement they might have to pay the plaintiff for their damages. Though not every trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC has litigation skills or experience, at Poliakoff & Associates, P.A., we do. We are a team of successful litigators and insurance companies are well aware of the risks they face should they not honor their legal and ethical obligation to pay victims for their damages.


Reasons to File a Lawsuit for a Trucking Accident


For those who have been in a trucking accident, pursuing legal damages for the losses you have suffered may be an appropriate steps for victims to take. Trucking accidents can produce significant results that may leave victims and their families unsure of whether they should pursue an insurance claim or a formal lawsuit. Working with a trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC can provide victims with peace of mind and an experienced professional who can protect the interests of victims. 


Severe Trucking Accident Injuries


Not only can a trucking accident be serious, they can change a person’s life forever. Being struck by a large truck has the ability to result in tragedy. Accident victims stand to face serious injuries and in some cases, death. Common injuries faced by trucking accident victims include:



Injuries from accidents may require costly medical expenses and an extensive recovery period. In some cases, a victim may not even be able to make a full recovery from their injuries. Speaking with a trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC can help to guide you through the process of taking legal action.  


The Difference Between an Insurance Claim and Lawsuit


When considering whether to take legal action, you will have a number of important decisions to make. This will include whether to file an insurance claim or pursue a lawsuit against the responsible party. This should surely involve the counsel of a trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC so that they may fully assess your situation to help you weigh your options. It’s important to be aware that insurance claims and lawsuits are two different processes for taking legal action. Understanding the difference between the two can be helpful in the wake of a trucking accident:


Insurance Claim

Much of the time, Spartanburg, SC trucking accident lawyers will recommend that you first pursue an insurance claim prior to a lawsuit. A lawyer can assist by reviewing your case, assigning value and filing your claim. There are a number of benefits to filing an insurance claim, for example:



While insurance companies may attempt to pay accident victims as little as possible, having a trucking accident lawyer Spartanburg, SC trusts by your side can assist by negotiating a settlement and making sure that you do not accept a settlement offer that is less than you deserve. 


Filing a Lawsuit


There are a number of reasons why taking your case to litigation may be an option for you. Making key case decisions can be complicated, especially without the guidance of a lawyer. Filing a lawsuit:



In most cases, your lawyer will recommend that you first attempt to reach a settlement with the insurance company prior to pursuing a lawsuit. There can be some risk associated with a lawsuit, not only can they be more timely and expensive, you also could walk away empty handed. 


Counsel from a Trucking Accident Lawyer


Commercial trucks are under tremendous pressure to perform by delivering goods as quickly as possible to places across the country. Because of this, truck drivers and trucking companies may cut corners to make deliveries on time. Unfortunately, this may result in the occurrence of dangerous accidents. When a motor vehicle is struck by a large truck, even at a slower speed, the impact can result in serious damages for victims. If you or a loved one has been in an accident involving a commercial truck, multiple parties may be held responsible. Contact a trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC today to determine the most appropriate way to move forward with your legal case. 


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Every case is different because the individual circumstances are different. It’s important to have your case reviewed by an experienced lawyer who can provide an informed and objective perspective. Contact us today to request a free consultation with our trucking accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC to get the information you need.



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