Support Essential Workers

We need to protect front line caregivers and other essential workers.  Before the second wave hits soon, we need to make sure these essential workers have the training, supplies, and safe staffing needed to prevent hundreds of thousands of additional deaths. The Department of Health and Human Services is sending nursing homes 750,000 COVID-19 point-of-care tests that can be administered quicker and simpler than other options already in play. Hopefully, they will be more reliable than the last ones.

Now that Autumn is here, public health experts expect a spike. Some models predict close to 450,000 deaths by Christmas.

Infectious-disease experts are also warning of a cold-weather surge of coronavirus cases. The feared “second wave” of infections and deaths may be catastrophic.  As the United States prepares for a “second wave” of COVID-19 this fall, many experts warn that we must protect health care workers and essential workers. We must show our support and protect them.

Hopefully the mortality rates will continue going down. Prevention and treatments have improved in the last six months. Fewer patients are dying from the virus.  Things will get better as long as we follow the safety rules. Support essential workers.