Stem Cells

Fox News reported that stem cells from umbilical cords offered coronavirus patients a safe treatment. Stem cells improved survival rates and recovery. Experts want to do more research including large clinical trials to conclude efficacy. Researchers from the University of Miami published early findings in the Stem Cells Translational Medicine journal.

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One suggested function of these cells is their ability to regulate the inflammatory response and promote tissue repair and regeneration.  The anti-inflammatory effects from mesenchymal stem cells may be an additional treatment against the novel virus.  Notably, the treatment was linked to “significantly improved patient survival,” with a 91% survival rate, compared to 42% in the control group.

When infused in intravenous route, MSCs joins to the pulmonary tissue and induce the recovery of the pulmonary cellular level impairment and treat lung dysfunction and COVID-19 pneumonia This is great news especially as America continues to set record-highs in daily deaths.

Many Americans have qualms about using stem cells but our priority must be saving lives. There is hope that we may eradicate many diseases.

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