Sexual Battery

The Pinellas Park Police Department disclosed that nurse William Ira Cease Jr. was wanted for sexual battery of a mentally defective person. Abuse like this is too common. The police accuse the nurse of sexually battering an elderly patient.  The Care Center has employed Cease as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) since April 2019.

Witnesses walked in on him sexually battering a naked 69-year-old female victim. The victim is a patient and resident at the facility. Police said Cease’s coworkers reported the incident.

An investigation is ongoing to determine if other victims will step forward. Investigators are seeking Cease. Those with information can call the Pinellas Park Police Department at 727-369-7840 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-973-TIPS.

Julie Solomon is the Administrator. Her statement:

“The Care Center at Pinellas Park acknowledges that an investigation concerning one of its former employees is being conducted by the Pinellas Park Police Department. Our community joins with the Pinellas Park Police Department in asking those with information relevant to the investigation to please come forward.”