Sexual Assault Conviction


Arizona’s 12News reported a sick and twisted case in Flagstaff.  A jury found Jonathan Chesley guilty of sexual assault of a vulnerable adult abuse, aggravated assault and tampering with physical evidence. Chesley was working as a medical technician at The Peaks. He was working in the memory care unit on the morning of January 24, 2021.

Chesley encouraged his two colleagues to take breaks at the same time, leaving him alone. That’s when records show he walked into the room of an elderly woman with memory issues and sexually assaulted her. Another employee walked into the room and witnessed it.

According to police, that employee screamed as she saw Chesley with his pants down over the victim. Chesley frantically grabbed cleaning supplies and went back and forth into the victim’s room at least three times. He initially said his pants were too big so they fell down. However, he was subsequently arrested and then convicted.


The horrific incident caused the victim’s family to file a civil lawsuit against Chesley, The Peaks, Northern Arizona Senior Living Community, and the Goodman Group which manages the facility. The family alleges employees at The Peaks broke safety rules in leaving Chesley alone in the memory care unit.

There was a failure to preserve the scene of the criminal act. The delay in reporting the assault allowed Chesley time to dispose of evidence and have continued access to the victim. Court records show a settlement was granted earlier this year.