Safe Staffing is Possible

The Consumer Voice published a report looking at staffing at For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Nursing Homes.

Since President Biden announced the implementation of a minimum staffing standard in February 2022, the nursing home industry has voiced strong opposition, claiming that it would be unable to meet a staffing standard. Now that the proposed rule has been announced, the for-profit lobbying industry has intensified their rhetoric, stating the whole system might collapse.

Yet, if you look closely at the current staffing data, you see that thousands of non-profit nursing homes across the country are providing staffing that far exceeds the proposed CMS standard. What separates them from the for-profit industry is that they are not profit driven.  The data demonstrate that for-profit nursing homes purposefully understaff their facilities, diverting funds to other purposes, including profits.  
Read our one-pager about how non-profit homes staff, on average, 23% higher than for-profit homes.  A staffing standard would be a major step towards stopping the for-profit industry from siphoning dollars away from resident care. You will see how in every state, but one, non-profit nursing homes staff higher than their for-profit counterparts.
We must stand with nursing home residents and demand a strong staffing standard now!