Rhode Island Staffing

Governor Dan McKee signed the Nursing Home Staffing and Quality Act. The law will increase staffing in nursing homes. Not enough but better than it was prior to the increase. The new law will establish a minimum standard of 3.58 hours of resident care per day by Jan. 1, 2022. The law increases staffing in 2023 to 3.81 hours of resident care per day. However, numerous studies show that 4.1 HPPD is the minimum necessary to meet the basic needs of residents.

McKee said:

“Rhode Island nursing home residents deserve the best possible care and our nursing home staff deserve the support they need to make that happen. Stronger staffing standards and funding for direct care staff will help raise the bar on resident care in our state.” 

The law provides fuds specifically to raise wages for direct caregivers to retain a stable and qualified workforce for continuity of care. Insufficient staffing in quantity and quality drives abuse, neglect, and high turnover in nursing homes. Adelina Ramos is a certified nursing assistant. She said:

“When nursing home workers have better staffing, it means we will finally be able to give our residents the care and attention they deserve.”