Resident Dumping

AARP published tips on preventing resident dumping. “Resident dumping” occurs when a nursing facility improperly discharges a resident. Vulnerable adults get “dumped” because of greed, making room for more lucrative private insurance patients.

Resident dumping affects thousands of residents who are poor, have a mental health condition, or find they’re not allowed back into their nursing facility.

Know your rights about what nursing facilities are required to do. Here are things you should know to protect yourself or a loved one from this illegal practice.

Nursing facilities must:

Hold a resident’s bed if they are transferred to a hospital.

Comply with the law and only involuntarily discharge residents in limited circumstances.

Give residents 30 days’ notice and the opportunity for a hearing before discharging a resident.

What to do if you or a loved one experiences resident dumping

Document all communication to and from the nursing facility

Know your rights and when to push back

Get help

Contact the Long Term Care Ombudsman at to find information on nursing facilities in your state or to get other information on resolving an issue with long-term care.

Consider consulting an attorney. The American Bar Association offers free advice at