Rapist Gets Life in Prison

The Daily Beast reported the rape of nursing home resident by a nursing home employee. Fortunately, a hidden video camera caught the rapist. The family said:

“We were concerned maybe someone was being unkind or too rough with her so we decided to install a hidden camera in her room so we could see what was happening. We were shocked and horrified, never imagining we would see her being abused and raped in her own room.”

How does this keep happening? Why can’t the management hire, train, and monitor staff to prevent suck horrific abuse? Every resident should have a hidden camera watching over them. Her family urged others to be alert for unusual changes in behavior.

“If you think there could be something happening to them, do something about it,” they said.

Philip Carey, the nursing home worker, will spend life in prison for raping a 99-year-old woman with dementia. He admitted to attacking the elderly woman at the nursing home.