Rape trial of 98 year old resident

This article is very disturbing.  I cannot believe that the nursing home did not recognize this obvious sociopath.

A Victorian nursing home employee accused of pinning down a 98-year-old dementia patient “like an animal” and raping her was just doing his job, according to his defense lawyer.   Henry Alexander, 35, of Mount Martha, is accused of sexually assaulting four women in their 80s and 90s at a nursing home on the Mornington Peninsula in November 2005.

“Mr. Alexander’s care of these particular residents is based on the fact that what he did was reasonable … and it was all to do with the proper hygienic care of residents who had become incontinent with feces and urine,” Gipp said.

Alexander’s former colleague, Anne Girvasi, who no longer works at the home, said on one occasion she saw him pin a 98-year-old woman to the bed with his legs and digitally penetrate her.

“She was pinned down like an animal,” Girvasi said. “Henry Alexander is an animal and a rapist, okay? What he did was disgusting.”

She said she did not file an incident report about Alexander’s conduct because six-month old reports would pile up in the nurses’ station and no action was taken.   Friend and former colleague Janine Blythe said she tried to make an appointment with Susan Younger, the Director of Nursing, but Younger cancelled.

She said she then submitted an incident report to CEO Heila Brookes, which detailed Alexander’s alleged “inappropriate and rough” touching of an 87-year-old woman on Nov. 4, 2005.

“She just ripped it up – she said it wasn’t done the way it should be.

Blythe was fired from the nursing home for failing to immediately report the incident.