Putting profits over care

A Rockport, Arkansas nursing home chose to evict an elderly resident who was chronically ill. The home dropped her off at a motel in Aransas Pass and never notified the family.

The home claims it wasn’t getting paid for her to stay there.  Ladewig suffers from chronic bronchitis and a muscle disease. Ladewig said she was brought to this motel room after getting evicted. Her family were never told about the move.

When nursing home personnel dropped her off, the family said they left her with food for the weekend and these two portable oxygen tanks that would last about eight hours.

“I would have run out of oxygen and died,” said Ladewig. “That’s what would have happened to me if she wouldn’t have come out looking for me. That’s what would have happened.”

“There is no phone in this facility, even if in the middle of night she went in respiratory failure or a situation where she couldn’t get up, she has no way to contact anybody, whatsoever,” Biggs said.

The family said the nursing home was paid through early December.