Poor conditions at another nursing home revealed

Poor conditions at a Tn nursing home prompted the state to prohibit the facility from admitting new patients.   The state suspended any new patients from being admitted to the Cornelia House.

A State Health Department review paints a different picture, detailing a successful escape this past April, in which a patient with dementia walked out a smoking door and was found down the street.

Cornelia House is banned from admitting new residents because staff just can’t keep patients from wandering outside. The state said residents there are in “immediate jeopardy.”

“There are specific things that are supposed to be done to prevent patients from running away, and those haven’t been done. So, all of these deficiencies have to do with operational issues,” said Andrea Turner, TN Department of Health.

State inspectors also cite inadequate resident care plans, and failure by the staff to keep patients with feeding tubes from choking.