Palmetto Patriots Home

WSPA reported that the Biden Administration opened a nursing home for veterans in Gaffney, South Carolina. Veterans in Cherokee County deserve the new nursing home facility. Fortunately, the Palmetto Patriots Home opened recently with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Greg McNeill is the administrator of Palmetto Patriots Home. He seems anxious to start. He said:

“We are very excited to open the doors and get the veterans in here. That’s what this is all about, is taking care of them. They provided a great service to our nation and now it’s our turn to take care of them.” 

I hope the Veteran Administration operates and manages this new facility better than the other veteran nursing homes in South Carolina. According to the new facility, only 150 people will be on staff to provide assistance to 104 veterans. That is not a safe ratio. The set up may help.

“This facility is actually pretty unique in the way that we do it, in the way that it was built. There’s 104 beds total in this facility. It’s broken up into what I am going to call four neighborhoods. Within each neighborhood there’s two homes. Each home has 13 beds. They are all private rooms, private bathrooms, which are a really nice feature in a skilled nursing facility.” 

Nursing home for veterans opens in Gaffney