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What Should I Do If I Signed an Arbitration Agreement? 

Each day our firm receives calls from concerned family members who suspect abuse or neglect in a nursing home. These individuals are wondering what they can do and whether they have any rights because an arbitration agreement was signed. 

Most nursing homes require the resident to sign an arbitration agreement prior to moving in. These agreements can be considerably lengthy and stipulate a number of things, including:

Reviewing the stipulations upon uncovering abuse or neglect can be very upsetting. All too often, loved ones will stop here because they feel like there is no legal recourse. Please know, if you signed an arbitration agreement, and abuse or neglect is taking place, not all is lost. It is your right to consult with a nursing home lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, and you should. A lawyer can review the agreement to identify potential weak sports or wording that might give you the right to pursue legal action outside of the agreement. In the event you are required to adhere to the agreement, a lawyer might still be able to protect your interests and rights. 

As you initiate this process, our nursing home lawyers in Greenville, SC would recommend the following:

Let us review your case and help you to understand what options are available. 

What A Lawyer May Ask of You

As soon as you opt to pursue legal action, you might expect a number of things from your lawyer. At the same time, your lawyer might expect various things of you. Expectations of you might include:

By following these simple tips, you can feel confident in knowing you have given your lawyer the ability to investigate and build as strong of a case as possible. 

Call a Nursing Home Lawyer to Learn More

We understand this is a very difficult time for you. We want to help you as best as possible. Give our firm a call today and allow us to address your questions and concerns. We have helped people like you, and want you to know that there may be options even if  you signed an arbitration agreement. Find out what those options might be today by calling a Greenville, SC nursing home lawyer.



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