Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer SC

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer SC- elderly woman holding hands with younger woman If your family member has suffered mistreatment at a nursing home, it is important to get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer in SC promptly. Your loved one may be entitled to compensation. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about nursing home abuse.

What Constitutes Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Nursing home abuse can come in many forms. Physical abuse, which may include hitting, kicking and shoving, is likely the first type of abuse that comes to many people’s minds. However, nursing home residents may also suffer financial, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse.

How Do I Know if My Family Member is Getting Mistreated?

Unfortunately, many nursing home residents don’t report abuse. That is why it is up to you to look out for certain signs. For example, if your loved one is being physically abused, you may see cuts, bruises and welts on his or her body. If your family member has suffered emotional abuse, he or she may appear sad, withdrawn and irritable.

Do not overlook the signs of neglect either. If your family member has poor hygiene, bedsores or drastic weight loss, it is a cause for concern.

Why Does Abuse Occur in Nursing Homes?

It is difficult to imagine why nursing home staff members would mistreat the people they are supposed to care for. However, it still occurs. There are several reasons why staff members may abuse residents, including inadequate training, poor staffing and lack of accountability.

What Should I Do If My Family Member Has Suffered Nursing Home Abuse?

If you have reason to believe that your family member has been mistreated at a nursing home, you should consult a nursing home abuse lawyer in SC. He or she can evaluate your family member’s case and determine if he or she has a good chance at winning a lawsuit or not. 

How Do I Obtain Medical Records from a Nursing Home?

Medical records are one of the most important pieces of evidence you can have in a nursing home abuse case. As such, try to obtain your family member’s medical records immediately so that there isn’t time to change them. If you have trouble retrieving these records, your lawyer may be able to step in.

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