Medical Malpractice Verdict

The Courtroom View Network reported that a jury compensated a family after a Georgia hospital and an obstetrician caused profound birth-related injuries to mother and her child.

Sasso and Gamble-Webb failed to properly monitor and treat birth-related complications that caused the newborn’s oxygen deprivation. The 9-day trial proved that caregivers failed to respond appropriately to an amniotic fluid embolism during birth.

Jurors voted for a $30 million verdict in Threat v. Gamble-Webb, et al., 19-C-00101-S1. The jury apportioned 20% of responsibility to Dr. Kendra Gamble-Webb and 80% to Monroe HMA LLC, for the acts of one of its nurses, Gina Sasso.

The award includes $29 million to January Threat for the catastrophic brain damage she suffered during her October 2017 birth.  The injury left her unable to speak and in need of a feeding tube to eat.

Another $1 million for injuries that forced her mother, Eulanda Katriece Threat, to undergo an emergency hysterectomy.

John Hall of Hall Booth Smith law firm unsuccessfully tried to convince the jury that the foreseeable embolism was an unforeseen, catastrophic complication.

“This baby girl’s heart rate went completely unmonitored for 24 minutes and then an additional 13 minutes where no one knew with certainty what her heart rate was. Not knowing her heart rate for 37 minutes in the face of multiple danger signs proved to not be defensible.”

–trial lawyer for family.