Mask v. Neck Gaiters

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) shared updated data that proves masks work.  The data shows communities with mandatory masks see less spread. Surgical grade N95 respirators provide the highest level of protection against the COVID-19. However, neck gaiters do not work as well. Neck gaiters are circular fabric tubes. They are slipped over the head, worn around the neck and pulled up over the nose.  Although a close-fitting cloth mask made of cotton, polyester, polypropylene or cellulose can provide adequate protection.

The data continues to reinforce what we’ve already known about proper wearing of masks and their success in helping to stop the spread of this deadly virus,” said Dr. Brannon Traxler, DHEC physician. “Wearing a mask every day in public is critical, however, not all face coverings provide the same protection. A recent study by Duke University shows that neck gaiters may be among the least effective types of face coverings for preventing the spread of respiratory droplets.

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DHEC announced the total number of confirmed cases to 112,088, probable cases to 1,400, confirmed deaths to 2,408, and 121 probable deaths. The total number of individual test results reported to DHEC Monday statewide was 5,226 (not including antibody tests) and the percent positive was 17.4%.

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