Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Class action

Unsafe staffing with unqualified caregivers causes the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults. Every day we allow it to happen. For example, a North Carolina lawsuit from May 2021 blames the Citadel of Salisbury’s owners for unsafe staffing causing harm to residents. Plaintiffs’ claim that the owners of the Citadel of Salisbury should face a class-action suit because their actions affected all the nursing home’s residents as a group and they should be compensated for damages. See article from North Carolina Health News.

Defendants Simcha Hyman and Naftali Zanziper are principals of the New Jersey-based private equity company Portopiccolo. The pair have been the subject of negative media portrayals in The New YorkerBarron’s and the Washington Post for their takeover and operation of nursing homes.

They own and operate a chain of more than 30 North Carolina nursing homes. The unsafe staffing problems began when the company took over the Citadel in February 2020. The lawsuit alleges that Hyman, Zanziper and their related entities are responsible. They control the operation. They failed to provide the necessary levels of staff members, required medicine and supplies to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of the vulnerable adults under their supervision and care. Residents deserve better.

Researchers have found that facilities purchased by such investor-owned firms resulted in increased emergency-department visits, hospitalizations of residents with ambulatory care-sensitive conditions, and overall costs to Medicare. Not a good deal for taxpayers. The Courts should not delay justice to those neglected and abused. Put a stop to the waste and fraud of taxpayers funds.

The class action should go forward. The owners should be responsible.