Home Health Abuse

WSVN had a horrific video of a vulnerable resident being abused at by a home health caregiver. This has become commonplace since COVID. Home health agencies abuse and neglect home bound patients. Speaking with 7News, Miami Gardens resident Lisa Williams said a home health aide cares for her mother, Carmel, while she’s at work. Williams said the agency suddenly replaced a previous aide with 49-year-old Fanny Santana Enriquez.

Carmel’s family said they caught the new caregiver on video hurting the elderly woman.

“Pushing my mom, and when she pushed her, she even slapped her. The hitting and the pushing her, that’s a no-no. We don’t do that.”

Miami Gardens Police call it aggravated elder abuse of an ailing, defenseless 84-year-old woman who needs care around the clock. The video recorded shows Carmel being roughed up and pushed to the side of her bed, her hands forced to the bed rails.

She’s doing it to my mom, but my mom can’t speak. She’s not doing anything, she’s just laying there,” said Williams as she fought back tears.

Carmel’s family said the caregiver can be heard verbally abusing her bedridden client