Firing Squads in South Carolina

Vice had an interesting article about South Carolina’s bill bringing back the inhumane firing squad.  We seem to be going backwards in South Carolina.  The article deftly conflates the new bill with the racist execution of an innocent child named George Stinney Jr.  South Carolina executed him in 1944 when he was 14 years old. The youngest person to be put to death.

Stinney was barely 5 feet tall and not yet 100 pounds. The electric chair’s straps were too big for his frail body. Newspapers at the time reported he had to sit on books to reach the headpiece. And when the switch was flipped, the convulsions knocked down the large mask, exposing his tearful face to the crowd.

The House added death-by-firing squad to condemned inmates. Our sadistic Governor is eager to sign it.

Opponents attempted to add amendments like requiring lawmakers to watch executions. Many believe Republicans for being hypocritical. They often mention the sanctity of life related to pro-choice issues but ignore that virtue with their death penalty stance.