Fear of Retaliation

Long Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC) reported a “harmful yet largely invisible source of resident suffering.” The report, titled ” ‘They Make You Pay’: How Fear of Retaliation Silences Residents in America’s Nursing Homes,” details complaints investigated between 2017 and last year.

The study represents the most in-depth examination of resident fear of staff retaliation. Nursing home residents fear retaliation from staff for voicing their concerns. They should not be scared to ask for care and services to which they’re entitled. This fear contributes to neglect and causes unnecessary emotional, psychological and physical harm.

“Too many nursing homes are prioritizing profits over people, failing to invest in sufficient and qualified staff that can meet the needs of their residents,” according to the study. “When nursing homes are not sufficiently staffed with trained and qualified employees, their residents are at greater risk of poor outcomes, including the phenomenon covered in this project: fear of retaliation.”

The report shows systemic issues in long-term care that leads to abuse, neglect and poor facility conditions, including underpaid and overworked staff.

Silence can be fatal. Safe staffing is needed.

“Nursing homes are turning over more than half of their staff over a 12-month period. The median total nursing staff turnover is 53%, including 50% RN turnover. Higher turnover is associated with worse quality of care.”