Elder Abuse

Media reported another elder abuse case. Police arrested Dr. Bari Sklar, a “Family Medicine Specialist” on charges of elder abuse and animal cruelty. An officer responded to a call on May 27 over concerns of dead animals and a neglected elderly woman inside the home.

Outside the property, the officer noted the smell of urine and saw feces through the window. The smell was so overwhelming he could hardly breathe. Police said the walls and floors were covered with animal hair, insects, mold and feces. The house was found to be uninhabitable—with no power or running water.

The officer spoke to the elderly woman. Police noted she was in clothes covered in feces, sitting on a couch surrounded by trash and mold.

The elderly woman was removed from the home and taken to Tradition Hospital. Animal Control was also contacted and removed the 11 cats and one dog from the residence and taken to the vet for further evaluation.

Elder abuse is horrific and perpetrators need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.