Criminal Sabotage

Police arrested a pharmacist in Wisconsin on charges that he intentionally sabotaged more than 500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. This criminal sabotage is unforgiveable.

The police said Steven Brandenburg worked the night shift at the Aurora Medical Center. He twice removed a box of vials of the Moderna vaccine from the refrigerator for periods of 12 hours, rendering them “useless.”

He is “an admitted conspiracy theorist” who wrongly believed the vaccine would harm people and “change their DNA,” according to the police. I wonder how many other conspiracy nuts will criminally sabotage vaccines.

Meanwhile, in New York, a proposed law would make it a crime to sell or administer vaccine shots to people skipping ahead in line. Providers can already lose their license if they fraudulently administer vaccines. The proposed law would add criminal penalties. So far, health-care workers and people living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are eligible for Covid-19 vaccines.