Criminal Neglect

“Somebody had to smell it. Somebody had to see it. Somebody had to deliver mail. Somebody had to deliver a package. When you see something, say something.”

The Genesee County Sheriff charged 32-year-old Stephanie Allison Windus with elder abuse. The victim lived in a double wide mobile home with six other people. Windus failed to provide basic care. She left the woman in dirty briefs confined to her bed for several months. The neglected woman was covered in feces.

Hospital staff found wounds, fecal stains, a lack of basic care and lack of personal hygiene. The victim’s body showed different levels of contusions and bruising. The victim had so many fecal stains on her body the hospital had to soak her skin to remove the stains.

The sheriff’s office Elder Abuse and Exploitation team launched an investigation. Sheriff Chris Swanson charged Windus with one count of Vulnerable Adult Abuse in the 1st Degree. Swanson said she confessed to the abuse during an interview with a sheriff’s office investigator.

Windus was paid $1,000 per month to care for an 83-year-old woman. The paid caregiver failed to check her blood sugar before administering insulin. Windus gave the woman unmeasured amounts of insulin without ever checking her sugar.

“You could kill somebody by giving them too much insulin.”

–Swanson said.

Windus is free–out on bond. Shameful.