COVID-19 Toll on Nursing Home Residents

Last week, a new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis found that people over 65 years of age make up 80 percent of deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S.  The data from the CDC provides clear evidence of the toll that the Trump Virus has on nursing home residents. The analysis finds that a disproportionate number of deaths were in long-term care facilities. Many of those deaths were in short-staffed nursing homes with poor infection control procedures. Significant evidence exists that the disease disproportionately affects communities of color. Recently, the Senate asked officials to release demographic data on coronavirus infections in nursing homes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a deadly impact on nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, and all evidence indicates that that impact has been disproportionately borne by people of color,” the lawmakers wrote. “We urge you to fully inform the national response to this crisis by expanding this data collection to include race, ethnicity, sex, age, primary language and disability status.”

Once again, the data shows the need for testing at nursing homes to protect the residents and the caregivers. The United States has become the worst-affected country. We have more than 4.1 million diagnosed cases and at least 150,000 deaths.  We need to do more to protect nursing home residents in the future. Our loved ones deserve better. Call us if you need our help.