Count All Votes

Video Voting

Fox News reported that Arizona will allow nursing home residents to vote by video. A judge ruled that Arizona election officials can use videoconferencing to help voters cast ballots. The exemption is limited to people in hospitals, nursing homes, or living with severe disabilities.

Republican AG Brnovich asked to strike down the COVID-19 pandemic-era practice. He argued that state law does not allow anyone to cast a ballot by video. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey also opposed virtual voting assistance. The Trump henchmen claim that state law requires officials to provide services only in person.

However, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Randall H. Warner found “Federal law does not allow Arizona to impose on a disabled voter the choice between voting and protecting their health.” The judge noted that the Order “does not mean the County Recorder is free to use video voting whenever he wants or for any voter who asks.” Warner also determined that the chance of fraud is low.

Arizona law normally allows disadvantaged voters to request a “special election board” — an in-person visit from one Democrat and one Republican — in such circumstances. Health officials requested safety changes due to coronavirus.  The board will still travel to the voters’ location but they may not be in the same room.

Right to Vote

The Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services reminded nursing homes of residents’ right to vote.  An August report by Market Watch detailed that the pandemic has created a more difficult voting process for nursing home residents, leaving their votes at risk this November. Operators must ensure nursing home residents are able to exercise their right to vote. CMS issued the affirmation in a memo to state surveyors.

“Nursing homes should have a plan to ensure residents can exercise their right to vote, whether in person, by mail, absentee, or other authorized process. If a state has specific programs to enable nursing home residents to vote, the facility should coordinate and engage with those programs, as appropriate,” the agency wrote.