CMS Warned Nursing Homes

Why weren’t nursing homes better prepared?  In Feb 2019 (a year before the pandemic), CMS warned nursing homes and sent this Feb 2019 Notice out.

“The Emergency Preparedness Final Rule (81 Fed. Reg. 63860, September 16, 2016) sets out requirements for all providers and suppliers in regards to planning, preparing and training for emergency situations. The rule includes requirements for emergency plans, policies and procedures, communications and staff training.”

“CMS is adding “emerging infectious diseases” to the current definition of all-hazards approach. After review, CMS determined it was critical for facilities to include planning for infectious diseases within their emergency preparedness program. In light of events such as the Ebola Virus and Zika, we believe that facilities should consider preparedness and infection prevention within their all-hazards approach, which covers both natural and man-made disasters.”

Nursing homes should have been better prepared.