Assault Cover-up

Cornelio Salinas told his family that staff at Solidago Health and Rehabilitation abuse and neglect him. The family installed a camera inside his room to discover the truth.

On Oct. 2, the nursing home called the family to inform them that Salinas had fallen out of bed.  Salinas had injuries not consistent with falling out of bed: two black eyes, bruising, and he needed a neck brace. Seeing his injuries, his family questioned the cause.

The family watched the camera in his room and found disturbing footage. The video shows two nursing home employees —one in blue and one in purple — standing by him while he’s on the floor. Video shows the two nursing home caregivers physically abusing a helpless Salinas.

Video shows two nursing home workers dragging Salinas across the floor, kicking him, smacking him, and tossing him into bed. The nursing home employees close the curtain for 15 to 20 minutes; Salinas is seen falling to the floor. The video proves the the facility lied to the family and attempted to cover up the abuse.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

The two nursing home workers are facing criminal charges. Lisa Jo Cooper, 61, and Kecia Danielle Johnson, 57, were both charged with injury to an elderly person – a second-degree felony. The elderly man’s grandson, Lizandro Solis, told KPRC-TV:

“You never think it’s going to happen to one of your family members. It’s sad. Keep an eye on them. Put a camera on them. You never know when it can happen to y’all.”