Another Sick Assault

Another horrible incident of abuse and neglect at a nursing home. Inez Windom showed 13WHAM photos of the injuries her mother suffered from an assault at The Shore Winds, a nursing home in Charlotte. A nursing home caregiver allegedly threw a resident to the ground and tried to rape her. She suffered defensive wounds including several bruises, a broken rib and a fractured arm.

On Halloween night, the facility told family members that she fell out of bed. However, the resident explained what really happened.

“She said, ‘Baby, I don’t even know why they did this to me. They drug me out the bed, they dropped me. They beat me. They drug me.'”

Windom said the employee tried to sexually assault her mother, until he realized her diaper was soiled.

Now, Windom said her mother is at Rochester General Hospital recovering from her physical injuries.

“My mom is traumatized. She’s totally traumatized,” Windom said. “Every time I go up there, she asks, ‘Why did they do this to me? I didn’t do nothing to nobody.'”

The family filed a report with the New York State Attorney General’s Office, which looks into elder abuse claims.