Another Poisoning

CBS News reported another reckless and fatal poisoning at a nursing home. An Atria nursing home in Walnut Creek failed to keep residents’ safe. The facility rushed Albert Canoun to the emergency room after allowing him to ingest a cleaning solution.  Employees at first blamed his change of condition and negative reaction to eating “spicy chips.” Incredible. He died on August 31st from chemical injuries to his stomach, esophagus, and part of his throat.

The facility then admitted in a statement that they believe it was likely “food related.” Atria confirmed the employees were suspended.

Prosecutors charged Lateshia Sherise Starling with felony elder abuse and poisoning death of resident Constantine Albert Canoun on August 31, 2022. Canoun was under Starlin’s supervision and care in the Memory Care Unit at Atria Walnut Creek.

She “willfully caused and permitted him to be placed in a situation in which his health was endangered.”

Systemic Problem

The death at the Atria Walnut Creek facility came after another Atria facility faced criticism after another resident was fatally poisoned with dishwashing detergent. Three residents at the Atria Hillsdale care home ingested dishwashing soap. One of the residents died.

“Their primary job is to keep seniors safe,” reads the claim. “Atria defendants did just the opposite.”

Atria claims their employee carelessly served residents the chemicals instead of juice. Ultra Klene is the color of fruit punch or cranberry juice. Atria later said that an employee had made a mistake by serving the cleaner to Maxwell.

Atria responded to the poisonings in an email claiming their internal investigation determined a violation of policies and procedures but claim the incidents “are isolated and unrelated.”