“Angel of Death” pleads Guilty

The Chicago Sun-Times reported the guilty plea of the infamous “Angel of Death” Marty Himebaugh who was a nurse charged with overmedicating residents at Woodstock Residence nursing home where six patients died suspiciously.   As part of the guilt yplea she admitted she gave one patient a drug he had never been prescribed.

“Marty Himebaugh — whom McHenry County prosecutors said had been described as the “Angel of Death” by a co-worker — faces up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to felony criminal neglect.  In exchange for her guilty plea, prosecutors dropped five other felony counts against Himebaugh, whose nursing license was suspended by state regulators in 2009 following a probe of suspicious patient deaths at the former Woodstock Residence nursing home where she worked.”

Himebaugh faced charges of giving patients medications they hadn’t been prescribed and of dosing some with excessive levels of morphine. In pleading guilty to criminal neglect, she admitted giving the anti-anxiety medication Ativan to an agitated male patient, even though he hadn’t been prescribed that drug. That patient fell several hours later and received a head injury.