Access to Vaccine

Asymptomatic Carriers

Researchers found that at least 50% of new coronavirus cases stem from asymptomatic carriers based on study findings.  An analysis published in JAMA found that 59% of all disease transmission came from asymptomatic individuals.  35% of those being presymptomatic people and 24% people who never developed symptoms.

The research supports a November study that called on nursing homes to consider testing their workers more frequently than what federal standards dictate after the analysis revealed that method may not catch all asymptomatic workers.

“This strategy may miss over half of the facilities with a SARS-CoV-2 infected staff member, particularly if asymptomatic,” they wrote at the time.

Vaccination Phases

Only 18% of the 4 million vaccine doses distributed to the nursing home industry had been injected, according to the CDC. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents and caregivers continue to refuse to take the vaccine. What a shame.

DHEC announced that South Carolina Hospitals should begin to vaccinate their admitted patients, who are aged 65 years and older.  Including hospital patients age 65 years and older to the Phase 1a is part of DHEC efforts to speed up the number of South Carolinians getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 vaccine.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Dr. Mandy Cohen, reported more than half of nursing home workers in the state do not want the vaccine. This refusal may increase the number of cases in nursing homes.

Medical experts have said repeatedly: the vaccine relies on new technology that’s based on a decade of research, and no steps were skipped during vaccine trials. It is safe. Nothing to worry about.

The updated Phase 1a guidance is available on DHEC’s website at  Please get the vaccine when it is your turn.