Yoga for Everyone

WYFF had an article on Jane Hart of Greenville, South Carolina. She started her business, Modified Ability Yoga, to help people with mobility disabilities.

She teaches classes at several of Thrive Upstate‘s day centers.

“We want everybody to be out there doing things that other people get to do, because why not? You can, you might have to do it differently, but you can do it,” Hart said.

She said she modifies yoga for every ability, and she sees her students flourish.

“It gives them freedom in their mind, in their spirit, and body,” Hart said.

Hart created Modified Ability Yoga after bringing her 25-year-old daughter, Grayson, to Thrive Upstate’s day center. She said Grayson is severely disabled.

“It is so important for individuals like my daughter to be in the community. For people to see her. Why? Because she’s just like you, she’s just like me, she’s human,” Hart said.

Hart said she knows it’s not easy for everybody to get to a class, so she also teaches yoga lessons at people’s homes.