Whistleblower Verdict

The website 2Urbangirls reported a jury verdict of $1.2 million to a former nurse at Country Villa South Convalescent Center. The jury believed she was forced to resign because she witnessed illegal activity. The facility used pre-signed and fraudulent Medicare certification forms.

She could not tolerate the working conditions. The stress from her job environment caused her to miscarry her fourth child. She resigned a month later.

“Ms. White felt like she was in the middle of a Medicare fraud scheme and she couldn’t handle the stress,” the suit stated. “She was told on several occasions that this happens all the time.”

The jury found in favor of plaintiff Malissa White in her constructive discharge suit brought against the facility.

“It was even more shocking that staff at Country Villa South joked about submitted fraudulent forms in group Whats App texts by saying that they obtained the physician’s pen so the fraudulent submissions could look more realistic.” 

Management asked White herself to falsify records and increase the level of acuity for some of the Medicare patients. This would increase reimbursement rates and profits. Despite White’s internal reports and those to the state Department of Public Health, the facility continued to falsely admit patients.