Verdict for Urosepsis

A Florida jury found The Palace at Kendall Nursing & Rehabilitation Center neglected Enrique Lozoya. The verdict states his urosepsis was preventable with reasonable care.

Urosepsis is sepsis caused by infections of the urinary tract, including cystitis, or lower urinary tract and bladder infections, and pyelonephritis, or upper urinary tract and kidney infections.

He had undergone successful replacement of a hip. The surgery had necessitated catheterization of his bladder. However, Lozoya developed impairment of his urination. He could not completely empty his bladder.

Numerous interventions exist to prevent infection and sepsis in these situations. The nursing home failed to prevent, and allowed the vulnerable adult to develop, urosepsis during rehabilitative treatment.

The Miami nursing home must pay more than $100,000 to Lozoya. The facility is owned and operated by Kendall Health Care Properties.