Trump’s Terrible Week

The number of homicides in major American cities is falling at its quickest pace in decades following jumps during Trump’s last year.

Murders declined by nearly 20% in 204 cities during the first three months of 2024 compared to the same period last year.

The nation is experiencing one of the lowest levels of violent crimes and homicides since 2014 when cities saw 30-year lows in violent crime and homicides.

Corporate profits have surged, propelling the stock market to new record highs. The S&P 500 now stands at more than 5,100, a gain of more than 50% from where it was before the pandemic hit in 2020.

House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to bring separate Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan funding bills to the floor this week.

Trump ’s Trump Media & Technology Group company stock dropped 62% since public trading began on March 26.

For the first time in history, a former president is facing criminal prosecution. The allegations are in substance, that Donald Trump falsified business records to conceal an agreement with others to unlawfully influence the 2016 presidential election. Trump kept falling asleep during the proceedings.

Meanwhile, Trump’s rant about the Battle of Gettysburg was so bizarre that many advisors are glad he will be stuck in the courthouse for the next month.

“Gettysburg, what an unbelievable battle that was. The Battle of Gettysburg. What an unbelievable ― I mean, it was so much and so interesting, and so vicious and horrible, and so beautiful in so many different ways. Gettysburg. Wow. I go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to look and to watch. And the statement of Robert E. Lee ― who’s no longer in favor, did you ever notice that? No longer in favor ― ‘Never fight uphill, me boys, never fight uphill.’ They were fighting uphill. He said, ‘Wow, that was a big mistake.’ He lost his great general, and they were fighting. ‘Never fight uphill, me boys!’ But it was too late.”