‘This is our secret'”

An investigation at Sapphire Tucson Nursing and Rehabilitation nursing home began after a 63 year old resident reported she was sexually assaulted by an employee.

“Obviously, you can’t trust anybody,” said Selina Poss, the resident’s daughter.

Poss said her mother told her she was sexually assaulted by a nurse tech. The man put his genitals in her hand and then started inappropriately touching her. Poss claimed her mother told other employees what happened before their phone call, but nothing was done.

“He told her, ‘This is our secret,'” Poss said.

Poss said she is frustrated over the lack of help by the facility.

“They just give us every runaround. Nobody really talks, nobody says anything,” Poss said. “Everything I’ve found out, I basically had to call, to make the report for my mom.”
“It’s hard to watch her. It’s hard to see what it’s done to her,” Poss said. “She’s already had a traumatic life. She’s already had to go through stuff, I’m supposed to be her protector. I’m the one who is supposed to take care of her and I just feel like I failed.”

Poss is working with her mother’s insurance provider to get her moved into her home for care.

Poss said she won’t stop fighting for an answer. Not just for her mother, but for other residents at the facility.

“I’m going to do everything in my power … to make sure this man is not going to do it again,” Poss said.