Presidential Material?

South Carolina politicians bickered about curtains and gas. Tim Scott and Nikki Haley had a brutally stupid back and forth.

Nikki offered a 10% gas tax increase in South Carolina. Talk about someone who has never seen a federal dollar she doesn’t like. $0.10 on the gallon in South Carolina,” Scott said addressing an earlier exchange between him and Haley.

Bring it, Tim,” Haley interrupted.

As the U.N. ambassador, you literally put $50,000 on curtains and had a $15 million subsidized location,” Scott continued.

You got bad information. First of all, I fought the gas tax in South Carolina multiple times against the establishment,” Haley shot back.

Just go to YouTube,” insisted Scott.

Against the establishment. And you want to know what that ten cents was when they wouldn’t pass the gas tax. The establishment, the companies wanted me to do it so much that I said the only way I will pass it is if,” Haley rambled.

Scott interrupted, yelling, “All you have to do is go watch Nikki Haley on YouTube.”

Haley would raise the gas tax if the Republican legislature gave her “three times the deduction in income tax, then I will look at your gas tax, which is why it didn’t happen.”

Secondly, on the curtains, do your homework Tim, because Obama bought those,” she added.

Did you send them back?” demanded Scott, “Did you send them back?”

It’s the State Department, did you send them back? You’re the one that works in Congress. You get it done,” Haley charged.

They were there before I even showed up at the residence,” she added. “You are scrapping.