Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act


The bipartisan law commits $550 billion in spending to repair and rebuild America’s infrastructure. America certainly needs to repair, upgrade, and modernize infrastructure. The investment will create good American jobs across the country. The law provides:

$75 billion to build charging stations for electric vehicles,

$73 billion to upgrade the country’s electrical grid,

$66 billion for high-speed internet access,

$47 billion to fight wildfires and protect coastal zones from flooding,

$21 billion to clean up contaminated rivers and lakes and other polluted sites including abandoned coal mines),

$15 billion to remove lead pipes delivering drinking water, and

$2 billion to update transportation to rural areas.


69 Senators voted for the Infrastructure law. 19 Republicans. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) said:

“This is what can happen when Republicans and Democrats decide we’re going to work together to get something done.”

Gary Palmer (R-AL) voted against the law but admitted to his constituents:

“Funding the Northern Beltline has consistently been one of my top priorities. Birmingham is currently one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country without a complete beltline around it. Completing the Northern Beltline will benefit the entire region and enhance economic development and employment opportunities.”

Completion of the road will create more than $2 billion in 10 years, he noted, and could create 14,000 jobs. Unfortunately, many of the Republicans voting for it have gotten death threats. The former president appears to be encouraging violence against his fellow Republicans. He released a bitter and pathetic statement:

“Why is it that old crow Mitch McConnell voted for a terrible Democrat socialist infrastructure plan, and induced others in his party to do likewise when he was incapable of getting a great infrastructure plan wanting to be put forward by me and the Republican Party?”

Lindsey Graham voted for the law. Tim Scott did not. The law allocates more than $6 billion in funding for South Carolina infrastructure projects. Federal highways in South Carolina will get $4.6 billion. $274 million will repair and replace structurally unsound bridges in this state. Another $510 million will improve South Carolina’s water and wastewater infrastructure. Public transportation improvements get $366 million. Airports will receive $161 million for upgrades. A great deal for America and South Carolina.