Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The Biden Administration has awarded nearly $454 billion in funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The funds paid for 56,000 projects across more than 4,500 communities across the nation.

Unemployment remains below 4% for a record 27 months with more than 15 million jobs created since Biden took office, including 789,000 in manufacturing.

All three of the nation’s major stock indexes hit record highs this week after the latest data showed lower prices for food and cooling inflation.

The projects repaired more than 165,000 miles of roads and more than 9,400 bridges and improving more than 450 ports and 300 airport terminals.

The law funded more than 1,400 drinking water and wastewater projects and projects to replace up to 1.7 million toxic lead pipes, as well as more than 8,000 low- and zero-emission buses.

Money finally funded 95 previously unfunded Superfund projects to clean up contaminated sites. It’s about time.

It has also improved the electrical grid and funded 12,000 miles of high-speed internet infrastructure, and exposed internet junk fees.

In the Financial Times, evidence shows the CHIPS and Science Act, which provided a $39 billion investment in  the semiconductor industry, has “primed a torrent of private sector investment.”