$2.9 Million Verdict

The Dayton Daily News reported the jury verdict for the child victim of medical malpractice. The jury found a doctor was negligent in his treatment of a then 17-year-old boy’s broken ankle that ultimately led to the teen losing part of his leg.

Evan Hopkins won the medical negligence case against Dr. Jerry Magone. Magone performed a surgery on Hopkins in 2017. Hopkin’s ankle was not aligned and the fracture was not properly reduced. Magone assured him that his injuries were healing.

Hopkins began seeing another doctor who recognized the infection. That doctor referred him to a foot and ankle specialist. The specialist said the only option was amputation.

Magone was negligent in his care and treatment of Hopkins. The jury awarded Hopkins $2.92 million to compensate for his permanent loss. Hopkins told the Dayton Daily News:

“There is a lot of money involved but honestly, I lost my leg. It could be $10 million … but it won’t bring my leg back. I still struggle getting out of bed or going to take a shower is a 30-minute process. If I could turn the money in and get my leg back, I think I’d do it in a heartbeat.”