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Pickens County Council seeks legal counsel in coal ash controversy

By: Vince Jackson, Independent Mail

Originally Published: January 31, 2016

PICKENS COUNTY — The Pickens County Council has retained the services of an environmental lawyer in the ongoing controversy involving the possible dumping of coal ash in the Liberty area.

Spartanburg attorney Gary W. Poliakoff has been retained by the county to look at the legality of dumping tons of coal ash in the landfill each year, according to county officials. Poliakoff was unavailable for comment, but his website indicates he works in the area of contamination and toxic exposure litigation.

Judge hears arguments in Pickens County coal ash landfill dispute

By: Ron Barnett, Greenville Online

Originally Published: February 18, 2016

The company that wants to build a landfill for coal ash near Liberty used “deceit, fraud, misrepresentation” and “bare-faced lies” to get state approval to bring in coal ash without Pickens County’s knowledge, an attorney for the county told a circuit judge Thursday.

Robert Goings, a lawyer for MRR Pickens, LLC, said accusations that the company used subterfuge and misrepresentations were “pure fantasy.”

Goings told the judge that the company only wants to do what the county agreed to allow when it approved a landfill for construction and demolition waste and land-clearing debris. He said the county is trying to renege on a legally binding agreement that could cost the company $25 million in lost profit.