Gun Violence Solution

After two mass murder shootings in less than a week, South Carolina senator Tom Corbin has a solution to gun violence.  Draft everyone over 17 as a member of a militia. South Carolina’s constitution allows the governor to draft an “unorganized militia” of any “able bodied male citizens” between ages 18 and 45.  State law allows the governor to draft citizens only “in the event of or imminent danger of war, insurrection, rebellion, invasion, tumult, riot, resistance to law or process or breach of the peace” and only if the regular National Guard cannot respond adequately.

However, State Sen. Tom Corbin’s proposal would automatically draft everyone who is over 17 to join the militia. Supporters of the bill argue that any federal law promoting gun safety or restricting assault weapons would not apply in South Carolina. Supporters contend all drafted citizens would be in the unorganized militia.

“That would prevent the federal government from ever confiscating any of your weapons. Because at the end of the day, the federal government cannot disarm a standing army,” said Republican Corbin.

No one showed up to support the bill at a Senate subcommittee meeting but the subcommittee approved the bill 2-1 on party lines. Corbin introduced this bill in 2013 when President Obama proposed a ban on some assault rifles that did not pass. Of course, no one is trying to confiscate all guns.

Gun violence — spanning homicides, suicides and accidents — kills about 40,000 Americans a year. Of course, U.S. states with fewer guns — like California, Illinois, Iowa and much of the Northeast — have fewer gun deaths. Background checks and requiring gun licenses would reduce gun deaths.