Useful Idiot

Russian Misinformation

Lindsey Graham is Putin’s useful idiot. Graham is South Carolina Republican Senator and Trump henchman. He along with Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is laundering Russian disinformation to help Trump. They declassified misinformation that incorrectly suggested that Hillary Clinton  manufactured Russian interference in the 2016 election on behalf of President Trump. This is a conspiracy theory started by Putin. No evidence exists to support this conspiracy theory.  It also makes no sense.

As you may recall, Trump publicly called for Russia to purloin Clinton’s emails. U.S. intelligence and special counsel Robert Mueller attributed the hack to Russia.

The Daily Beast and other media outlets discovered that Lindsey Graham is Putin’s useful idiot spreading Russian misinformation. Russians use the term “useful idiot” for people who either knowingly or unknowingly accept their propaganda. Russians’ useful idiots- propagandists, unwitting collaborators, sympathizers, hackers–do the bidding of Putin.  Even Trump’s own former FBI Director Andrew McCabe answered, “I think it’s possible” that Trump is an active asset of Russian intelligence.

Graham said he did not know or care whether the information presented by Ratcliffe was true and said he was not concerned with releasing the uncorroborated allegations to the public during the election. However, that is not true. He knows the conspiracy is false. Politico reported that the Senate intelligence committee, on a bipartisan basis, rejected the allegation Ratcliffe published as false.

Politicizing Intelligence

The substance and the timing of the disclosure is a clear attempt to politicize intelligence. We all know that Russia is actively trying to denigrate the Biden campaign and interfere in the 2020 election. Why is Graham helping Putin?  I guess we need the FBI to look into Lindsey Graham.

“His politicization of intelligence, including through selective releases to political allies, damages the country and undermines the intelligence community he purports to lead,” Wyden said. “Ratcliffe is even willing to rely on unverified Russian information to try to concoct a political scandal, a shocking abdication of his responsibilities to the country.”

Graham is up for re-election next month. He has been around for decades. We need a change. Defeat Trumpism. Please vote.