SavaSeniorCare and Dialysis

SavaSeniorCare announced that it was expanding its partnership with dialysis clinics. Sava will add on-site dialysis treatments to Sava’s facilities. Concerto provides in-house dialysis services to SNFs in Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio.

SavaSeniorCare is a well-known national chain. One of the biggest in the country. Their revenue exceeds a billion dollars a year. They are infamous for poor quality care, short-staffing, and Medicare fraud. They are owned and controlled by billionaire Rubin Schron. He has figured out a way to increase revenue and profits.

For Sava, the expansion is part of a wider plan to exploit the new CMS reimbursement models. SavaSeniorCare Consulting executive vice president and chief strategy officer Ray Thivierge told Skilled Nursing News that the partnership allowed Sava to develop an in-house renal program for the future.

“Traditional models called for our frail elderly who require dialysis to be bundled up and packaged up and sent out through transportation to an off-site dialysis den where they were dialyzed for eight hours and then came back to the center three times a week,” Thivierge said. “That model is very difficult for anybody, but in particular difficult for a frail senior … so the idea of bringing dialysis to our residents in our setting has always been something that’s an opportunity for the sector.”

Because of the pandemic, the strategy for future expansion is fairly “theoretical,” Thivierge noted.  “We don’t really know what demand is going to look like going forward — not necessarily demand for renal care patients, but demand in general for skilled care,” Thivierge said.