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Legislators probe insurance companies

The New York Times recently had an interesting article regarding Congressional leaders questioning the policy and practice of the insurance industry in long term care settings.  The top-ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee has asked 11 long-term care insurance companies to explain “troubling data” regarding how policyholders’ claims are handled and paid. Senator Charles

Senator Grassley is Asking Questions

I recently read an article about Charles Grassley, Republican Senator from Iowa who is on the Senate Finance Committee asking long term care insurance companies to explain how they are handling policy holders’ claims.  This is the quote I love the most:  “Many long-term care insurers have recently announced that they are raising premiums because

Wall Street And Nursing Homes?

I came across an article discussing the trend of Wall Street investment groups buying nursing homes and the effect it is having on residents and litigation.  Check out my summary: In recent years the Long Term Care industry has seen thousands of nursing homes across the nation taken over by Wall Street investment groups and unfortunately, this change has

Barack Obama’s statement about NY Times article

U.S. Senator Barack Obama today released a statement on the report in the New York Times on nursing homes. “The news that some private equity firms have been boosting profits at the nursing homes they own by cutting essential staff and compromising the quality of care for our seniors is unconscionable and unacceptable. America’s workers



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