Green Houses

Skilled Nursing News reported that Green Houses may be the future of the nursing home industry. COVID-19 has experts and industry leaders revaluate choices in long-term care. Many advocates have turned to the Green House model as the best way forward.

These “small-house” style developments with multiple cottages for limited numbers of residents. Each resident gets a private room. They share a central kitchen with dedicated caregivers within each cottage. The model also represents the closest approximation of home life for seniors.

The non-profit Green House Project reported that 95% of their facilities had zero COVID-19 infections. The Green House model presents more opportunity to have a closer, integrated relationship between caregivers, elders, and those elders’ families.

“Culture — I don’t care what anyone says, as far as I’m concerned — is the backbone of success. If you can develop the right culture of caring and service quality, then you can do it in a tent village; it doesn’t matter at that point. I just think the Green House gives a better opportunity to develop that culture because of its intentionally small frame.”

The model is attractive to consumers. Occupancy at Green House is virtually 100%. Green Houses have much lower percentages of antipsychotics and unexplained weight loss and wounds and hospitalizations and infections. The satisfaction level amongst staff and higher retention rates also increase the quality of care.